Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Day in the the Life

I gathered up the left over popcorn from the birthday party, and we were off to feed the ducks down by the river!

Actually, there were less ducks, and more geese. No seagulls amazingly. 

Geese make me incredibly nervous, but these are so tame, David almost got them to eat out of his hand. 

This has become one of our regular activities lately. September is our animal theme month, and also the last really nice month - it only gets colder from here!

Jared wanted to eat the popcorn off the ground right along with the birds. Tragically, we didn't let him. 

He enjoyed the bench swing though!

Typical family picture, the little one tries to escape!

Awesome tree for hugging, 

taking pictures by, 

jumping off, and of course


David is just a monkey, he just leaps right up there, I really have no idea how he does it. Seriously, the man climbs trees all the time. 

Jared was right with him. Gavin and I looked on. 

He wanted to keep going!

I love this weather because I love little boys in sweaters. And I love the soft light. 

The love each other so much. 

I just cannot picture one without the other.

From there we went to Jollay Orchards and met this little guy:

Cutest little pig ever!

He was so cute and hungry - we couldn't stop feeding him!

And the goats, who were almost busting out of their pen to get to the food!

And sheep!

There's so much to do there, and it's a really great setting for learning about animals. 

"Can I go in my bee house?"

This is probably Gavin favorite part, it's a little creepy if you ask me. A little house where the inside looks like a bee hive, and there's giant bees everywhere - yikes!

What a cutie pie!

They had a blast - and took and awesome nap!

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