Friday, May 27, 2011

My kids are seriously awesome

The boys are "dancing" on my bed right now. They request different songs, and their choices are so funny. Jared, as always, chooses The Never Ending Story theme song. Gavin chooses Tom Sawyer by Rush and Too Many Puppies by Primus. Seriously, I love these kids.
I'm worried how everything will change with the addition of another baby. And a girl at that. I'm so used to these boys, they're perfect; we're perfect together.
Gavin is assertive and curious. The age he's at is so interesting, his personality gets deeper everyday. I love discovering new things about the person he's becoming. Gavin is very athletic, it wouldn't surprise me at all if he ends up being really into sports. He is nurturing and sweet, the worst punishment I can give him is my disappointed. He can't stand to know that he's hurt someone. He's such a good older brother, and I know he'll do great with Amelie. 
Jared is the perfect companion to Gavin. He is almost always agreeable, going along with all Gavin's ideas and plans. If Gavin wants to jump, Jared is right behind him. At the same time, Jared doesn't let Gav get away with anything. They fight as much as they get along, but they always make up. These two are truly best friends. 
Jared has mellowed a lot  in the last few months. This kid could draw all day long. Drawing, singing, playing with PlayDoh, and dancing. He's so creative and funny. Jared is constantly asking everyone "Are you happy?" and won't be satisfied until you answer "yes!". Lately, he's been saying "Make me a baby!" which means I have to wrap him in a a blanket and hold him like I did when he was a baby. He then pretends to drink a bottle. Maybe he can sense that things are going to change...
I'm soaking up these last days with my two boys, I don't think I could love them any more or I would explode. It won't be just them for much longer...