Friday, January 14, 2011

Update 2011!

I've been bad about updating. I'm tired and sick most of the time, plus it was Christmas vacation... so.... whatev!

On the baby front everything is still good, finding out the sex on Feb. 1st so that's exciting!

Gavin got to help David clean our couch, and he loved it!

He's such a good helper lately. I was thinking at lunch that in only a year and a half he'll be starting kindergarten - time flies!

There's been tons and tons of snow and David has been taking them outside every chance he gets, but it's wicked cold! One day it was in the 50's (weird...) so I took them for a walk. They had a blast but I was just trying to keep up with them. 
Also, everyone complements me on their boots. They're awesome, and they're from Amazon. 

Today, Gavin put on his play glasses and hard hat, grabbed a hammer and his cell phone, and went to "work". When he came back I asked "how was work?" and he replied "Pretty much better." 

Lastly, a portrait of David and I on the aquadoodle. I'm on the right, and David's on the left. I have "a lot of hair." I would like to point out that I have ears and David does not. Also, I'm smiling. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011