Friday, February 19, 2010

Save the Date!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Potty Training!

For real this time, and I am not giving up! Gavin's doing so well, at first it would literally take him two hours to go, and today he goes within five minutes! I still have to remind him and make him sit on the potty, but I think that will come soon enough. I'll be so happy to have him out of diapers!
As a reward he gets a small candy, put a sticker in his cars book, and one chuckie cheese token. I said "What are you going to do with all your coins?" and Gavin replied "put em in picky pink" I laughed so hard, I'll miss his baby talk!!! He's already just saying Mom instead of Mommy, boo!
Jared is talking more too, he says "Andrea" consistently, along with "bubble". Gavin misses Jared while he naps, and give him lots of kisses!
Jared in his new sweater:

Gavin doing a Stevie Wonder impression: