Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring is (finally) here!

We had our first cookout of the year this past week!

Hotdogs - the boys' favorite!

We're all really digging our awesome porch. The boys are constantly begging to go out there, but the weather isn't that nice everyday yet. 

David and his friend Adam (or I should say, Gavin's "best friend" Adam) grilled us some chicken "hobos" which Adam found hilarious for some reason. 

I made the salad, and it was the best part of dinner!

Or maybe the freezie-pops were

The weather was seriously so gorgeous, the next day it was 80 degrees!

We played at the park and wore shorts - in April!

If you can't tell, Gavin loves his new sunglasses

And Jared loves playing in the sand! (He did eat a little...)

Who doesn't love a good ride on the slide?

Jared cannot ride down like he's supposed to - it's not dangerous enough for him!

Gavin yelled "whoopsie daisy" over and over on the see-saw... I'm not sure why, but it was hilarious!

Jared's favorite part - being flung in the air as high as the swing will go!

After a very long winter, this weekend was exactly what we needed!

Amelie @ 28 weeks