Monday, March 16, 2009

And we're off!

Gavin is sick today, and I'm not feeling that great either so another day lying around the house for us! The weather is starting to get better now, and I'm dying for some fresh air. Jared is inch worming across the floor now. He hasn't quite mastered crawling on his knees for more than a second, but that doesn't stop him from getting around! He is also getting his first two teeth, exciting! Gavin asked me for some juice and voluntarily took a nap, so I know he's not feeling so hot. He's starting to talk so much now, but a lot of it is lost in babytalk/english translation. I'm figuring it out though!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Wherever you go, there you are

Well, another Friday! Gavin is in a bad mood today it seems, every little thing sets off a huge meltdown. I had to wash his blanket today, and boy, that was a fit like none other. The weather is beautiful today, and it's supposed to be even nicer tomorrow! Today Gavin picked his own shirt out, it's got a skateboarder on it. He seemed happy when he put it on, very proud. He got new pajamas yesterday and he couldn't be happier in them! My mom is coming tomorrow morning!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just another manic Wednesday

Ok, half way through the week! My mom is coming in a few days and I'm excited! Gavin is lying on the couch watching sesame street, and both David and Jared are sleeping. That's right, David's sick again! I hope he is better by the weekend, it's supposed to be nice out and I want to go to the park!

Yesterday Gavin and I had an appointment at the Heath Department and 8 in the morning. He had so much fun running back and forth across the whole building, and he looked so cute in his new sweater! I'm glad he got to wear it once before spring comes. We saw Olivia there and said hello, she's coming to see us today. All the running must've worn Gavin out because he took a really long nap that afternoon!