Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"An elephant eats.... guys?"

Today has been good so far, despite Jared having a cold, and I can feel one coming on. 
We woke up and made our art project for the day!

Dog puppets! 
I just cut out shapes of construction paper, and the boys glued them on to a paper bag. The colored it with brown marker to make fur. Gavin is in love with his and appropriately named him "doggy". Jared, as usual, liked making it, but then couldn't care less. 

Then, the boys were a little wild so we went outside to play. The weather is so great this time of year, you can still wear t shirts, but you don't sweat! The only downside is that my flowers are coming to an end.  I will miss them!

We went inside (after Jared scraped both of his knees and his foot) and made puppy chow! I've never made it myself, but I had it so many times as a child. Boy, did the little guys love that! Jared could not stop eating it.  While we made it, we went over what animals eat which turned into a funny game where Gavin would just call out anything he could think of instead of the real word, and then laugh uncontrollably.

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