Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Birthday Party!!!

It's finally here! The big party Gavin has been dying for!

We had a little carnival!

Including games - and of course a candy buffet!

Delicious yellow cupcakes with white chocolate toppers, all made my me!

cookie lollipops - which I heard were yummy, they were eaten before I got one! Next time I make these, I'll use a harder cookie dough, because I had a hard time keeping them on the stick. Also, they probably would've stayed up better if they were smaller. 

Mini "caramel" apples - really made with peanut butter! More kid friendly, healthier, and oh so good! I probably ate half of these... 

I used a stamp of a lion with a party hat throughout the party, it helped tie everything together!

Including the cups

and napkins!

We gave out tickets, which the kids totally disregarded and played the games forever!

We had four games:
Pick a Dizzy duck
Crazy Kiddie Can Crash
Birthday Boy Ball Toss
Trigger Happy Toddler Target

The last one was Gavin's absolute favorite. He demanded to play it over and over!

There were balloons galore!

Party hats! (made by me!)

Jared was perfectly content to just play on the swing set!

and collect prizes!

It was a perfect sunny day, thank goodness because the actual party date was the day before and it poured all day!

The food was wonderful!
We had:
hotdogs and brats
french fries
potato salad
all kinds of fruit
veggie tray
deviled eggs

People kept asking "where'd you get all the circus stuff?"
Honestly, I had a lot of it, and the rest I either got at goodwill or the dollar store!

I made a photo clothesline of pictures of the boys, labeled with their ages. This was probably my favorite decoration, and everyone commented on it. Plus, my boys are just the cutest little things ever - who doesn't want more pictures of them???

And boy, were there a lot of presents - I've never seen so many! It pays to have good friends I guess... There's a lot of thank you notes in my future... 

I hung pictures of the two of them together outside

Gavin was so excited (So was Jared, but he's a little more subtle.)

Oh! And the cake!

It took me forever to make, but it was beautiful! (and yummy!)

The cookies around the sides had "G" and "J" on them, the bottom candies are pretzel mnms, and the top is a big gumball!

Jared loved it, but Gavin didn't even take one bite! If only he knew how long that cake took to make... 

Fake mustaches!

Isn't this the cutest thing ever?!?

We all had the best time!!

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