Wednesday, August 25, 2010


... it means "you're welcome" in Jared speak.

Great day today!

We went to Jollay Orchards, a local farm. 

the apples were ready to be picked (and eaten...)

Jared took a bite out of just about every apple he saw and carried around big arm fulls of them. 

Gavin ate two WHOLE apples, and by that I mean stem, seeds, and core!

They loved every minute of it. In fact, Gavin has already asked to go back.

And there were goats to feed!

There were geese too, but they were loud - and for once, Jared was scared!

The weather was gorgeous today, and we came home with a basket of apples, two containers of raspberries (and they are to die for!), plus a few honey sticks and peaches we bought at the market. 
All in all, a perfect day. 

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  1. I love going apple picking with the kids! Such a fun thing to do! Following you from Blog Frog. Was reading your blog wondering...are her boys twins!? They look so much alike and similar in age. But my conclusion was they are not...but they are adorable! I have two boys as well! ~Kimberly