Thursday, August 19, 2010

"smells like you got stink on you"

Gavin smelled my forehead... but no, I didn't really stink...
Today we had a lazy day - hooray! David had to work, but the boys and I took the day to lay around and play! Gavin has already picked up so many letter sounds, it's amazing! We have some glow sticks, which we bent to form all different letters and guess their sounds, he was really good at it.
Jared is such a funny guy, one minute I'm wondering if he's just going to be a total wild child, and the next he's concentrating like mad over his coloring book. The boy has focus! Jen was surprised at how well he sat watching a movie, he was so into it, we hardly ever see him that still!
I worked on a few more things for their birthday party tonight - we got the pinata and it's super cute! We decided it's probably not the best idea for a bunch of toddlers to wield a bat however...
Just took a shower and am off to bed!

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