Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"It was so fun riding the robot dragon!"

We went to the fair yesterday!
The boys had a blast, and the actually let Jared on a ride! We went and saw the animals, Jared touched every one he could. It was a miracle he didn't get bitten. Gavin was really excited about them, but he was more cautious, especially the horses kind of freaked him out. He did want to take a cow home however, so he must have liked it!
Then we went over to the rides, ate corn dogs, and rode more rides! We bought popcorn and then went into the circus. Jared was not happy about sitting still (he never is...) but Gavin was thrilled that he got a free thing of bubbles, and all the popcorn he could eat. We didn't stay long, but we did watch a guy ride a motorcycle on a rope which was "amazing!".
Then we got good and sticky with some snow cones and went home.
We all had a great time and saw a bunch of our friends there.

I spent the night paying for the fried bologna sandwich (it was worth it!)and making these:

Party hats! The turned out so cute! Gavin has been wearing the hat he got at Jen's birthday for days now, so I know he'll love these! Hurry up birthday party, I can't wait!

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